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    Based in the South of France, Technodive offers a range of services to clients in diverse locations.

    Technodive principally offers the services of Mike Busuttili to clients mainly, but not exclusively, in the diving market. With almost 20 years experience in leading London advertising agencies, in media and marketing planning and account management, Mike has wide and varied experience of mainstream marketing.

    His specialty area is diving, an activity with which he has been closely involved for more than 40 years. Initially this was as a hobby but soon led to an involvement in diving magazines and the move from the advertising industry to become Managing Director of the UK subsidiary of the major manufacturer of diving equipment. This in turn led to an appointment as Marketing Director for the parent company and a move to the South of France.

    In 1995 he started Technodive, making his experience and deep knowledge of the market available to other clients in the field. A major requirement of clients at the time was assistance with their entry into new media and e-commerce, leading to further specialisation in web site development.

    Technodive's client list includes many of the major names in diving, with some recent additions from other fields.

    Clients have appreciated the combination of real experience and knowledge of the market being applied to their internet plans to give effective working solutions. We have long understood the consumer's need for swift and simple information sources that answer their questions via the shortest possible path.

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